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Founded in 2015, TOSTO is a pioneer in the fast-premium market. Proudly serving the finest scratch-made pasta and fresh Romano pizza in an open kitchen concept where every dish is singularly prepared to order, TOSTO is truly one of a kind. We live in an era where most consumers have developed a discerning palate and are only willing to open their wallets for quality and authenticity, two key traits that TOSTO prides itself on providing its guests. TOSTO is about love and in fact, that is why we say, “Tough love for great food”. What this means is that whatever it will take to impact the store operations and impact the lives of our guests, making every day better than the previous day, we will do it.

We are always on the hunt for great partners to help us expand the TOSTO concept. We’re not looking for pure investment partners, we’re eager to build partnerships strengthened by the expertise, passion and special knowledge of both franchisor and franchisee. The key ingredient to success lies in the people who bring the TOSTO concept to life. We choose partners whose personal, professional and financial qualities go hand in hand with what we believe it takes to bring TOSTO to life.

In return, our multifunctional team will then be there every step of the way to and support you throughout the entire process from the signature to the opening and beyond as your guests come back again and again.

If you know you are the perfect fit, please fill out the application form for more information and let’s chat.